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                                                        PVC Processing Aids

                                                        ACR Processing Aids and Impact Modifiers

                                                            Acrylic Processing Aids include copolymers of methyl methacrylate and butyl acrylate. It offers outstanding efficiency for improving the processing characteristics,such as melt strength, faster fusion, and promotion of melt homogeneity and surface finish.

                                                            Acrylic impact modifiers are mainly used in outdoor rigid PVC products which a good balance of impact strength and gloss, as well as excellent weatherability is required.

                                                            Acrylic processing aids and impact modifiers are mainly used in PVC pipes, PVC profiles, WPC products, SPC products, PVC wall panels, PVC sheets, PVC foam boards.

                                                        MBS Impact Modifiers

                                                            MBS (MMA-Butadiene-Styrene) impact modifiers are mainly used in indoor rigid clear and opaque PVC products.It provides excellent impact strength in non-weatherable applications, such as PVC sheets, films(pharmaceutical packaging or consumer products packaging), PVC pipe fittings and PVC card products.

                                                        Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE-135A

                                                            Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE-135A is currently the most widely used and most economical impact modifier in the PVC profile industry. The weatherability performance is not good as ACR Impact Modifier and could not be used in clear PVC products. The mainly application are PVC pipe, PVC profile, PVC sheet PVC board.

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