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                                                        Brand Construction

                                                            The Company pays attention to brand building and adheres to the development concept of establishing product advantages based on technological advantages and then brand advantages on top of that. At present, "Lushan" has become a well-known trademark in China. By virtue of stable product quality, high-level technical services, and providing customization products that meet different needs of clients, we have achieved high client satisfaction and gained their trust. After long-term accumulation, our products and the "Lushan" brand are now widely recognized among clients and enjoy high popularity and influence in the domestic and foreign markets, enabling us to obtain a large number of outstanding clients.

                                                        R & D strength

                                                            As a high-tech enterprise, we have innovative platforms such as post-doctoral research workstations, Shandong Provincial PVC Engineering Technology Research Center, etc., enabling high R&D capacity. The Company has always attached great importance to the investment in technology research and development, the improvement of independent innovation capabilities, the transformation of research and development results and the protection of intellectual property rights. We have obtained more than 70 national invention patents. In order to promote the cultivation of talents and the construction of the R&D team, the Company has formulated effective incentive policies and performance appraisal systems to motivate team members, ensuring its technological innovation capabilities; at the same time, by introducing professional talents in the industry, we have established a stable R&D team, laying a solid foundation for continuous R&D innovation.

                                                        Honors and awards